Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring Rain

May Ushers in Rain...
A long, late snow season, without terribly warm weather became perfect storm for April corn, and skate ski crust cruising galore...until now that is. R&#, the four letter R-word, and 40 degree temps are turning our snow out for the season...or turning it something else.

A warm trend around mid-late March was JH's only big heat wave until we got nearly a few spells of clear weather in April that yielded good and lasting corn which seemed best on the fringes. To wit, one of my best skates ever in the south end of JH was on the east side of the Snake, going north along the dike on April 6. Four days later, the ground was all but bare. It was that thin and rotten from a long winter, but had a shell that lasted a day.

May showers don't bring June corn, so let's hope for the best. Tonight's rain in Jackson was still snow halfway up Snow King. That was 8pm at 40 degrees. Now it's 11:30 and 38 degrees under clear skies...on track to freeze. So spring hopes eternally, or is that hope springs eternal?...that we'll be back out on the crust before long.

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