Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Skied the King again today...

It was a beautiful evening as a classic cool spring day bounced back from nearly raining to mostly sunny. I lucked out, getting Lucia, our 8 month old to sleep by 6:37 pm. I won a ro-cham-bo, and was off after taking out the trash. I packed up my camelbak with a pair of 80 cm Big Foot skis and tightened the laces on my Raichle Degree 7 Pro mountain boots, and took off for the top, encountering a dozen other skiers, half of who are friends.

Again today, 45 minutes to the top and a raucous run down in sometimes punchy snow. It was good fun, until I got home, heard two crying whimpery voices, and realized my wife had been trying to reach me. The cell phone, in my hoody pocket, was inaudible and its vibrations unfelt. That's because I was pushing my heartrate to 90% for training, but also so I could get back home in a shorter time. May the history books go easy on me.

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