Friday, October 17, 2008

Early Fall chapter Closing

It's after midnight on the 17th of October and life is good. Very busy here with Lucia learning to sleep, her sister Clara getting used to sharing the spotlight and Diane figuring out how to deal with all three of us at once.

I've been working for the Mountain Sports School 2 days a week preparing for season kickoff, permit maintenance, and anticipating changes in a few of our operations. There's a bit of skepticism about what kind of a year it will be economically, but most agree: It will snow. If it's early and big, we can kick off the new Tram in style, but that's a wait and see kinda thing.

I've also been immersed in a number of PSIA initiatives, which has captivated my every spare moment, and then some. After, of course, that is, doing all kinds of things around the house. My favorite: watching TV and folding the clothes rivals cleaning up the kitchen and making cookies with Clara.

Clara goes to swim class and dance class and she's in day care/pre-school the other days, shifting to more days at the Kids Ranch at Teton Village which works well with my work days. I'm looking forward to the bus stops and crowded rides, along with watching her learn to ski.

Now, I'm on the cusp of leaving for Team Training at Copper Mountain, and our annual pre-training starting in the Fruita, CO area for some rollerskiing, dune skiing, StandUp Paddling, maybe even real skiing, and camping. Working with the new team over the next four years promises to be an amazing experience and I've got a feeling we're gonna get a lot done.

That's the news from our corner of the Tetons. Hope to see you in the valley...or in the mountains this winter!

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