Sunday, September 25, 2011

McGee Family trip to Midway Geyser Basin

After camping for two nights at Madison Campground in the western part of the park, we headed for a long awaited visit to the Grand Prismatic Spring, Tuquoise and Opal Pools, and the Excelsior Geyser.

The sight of steam rising from the meadows in the Lower Geyser Basin was just a hit of what was ahead.

The bridge over the Firehole River

Opal Pool

Travertine and the blue backlit steam coming off of the Grand Prismatic

Having a closer look

Red from the microorganisms known as 'thermofiles'

All the colors of the rainbow

Elk prints?

Colors abound

Lucia bounds

"I'm Happy," she says.

Amazing sights

Stunning light

Dancing on the boardwalk

Listening for crickets

We also got to stop and catch Old Faithful without making a production of it.

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