Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Skiing the Stettner Couloir on June 20, 2001

Thanks to Brendan Burns for sharing these pics of an awesome climb and descent!

You can check out my earlier report here:

And watch a slide show/video from my camera here:

Climbing up to the Tepee Col

Clouds above and below...

Time to layer up!

Planning the descent route from the Tepee Col...

A look up into the Stettner

Above the first crux, the couloir was filled in...

...conditions were great, with dense, but dry, powder. Climbing was easier over on the left, where the new snow was shallower with crampons holding securely on the ice.

A small snow sluff came down only this once...

Cresting the second crux

Passing the final crux and ascending into the whiteout...

...after brief deliberation, we decided to descend, rather than climb further into whiteout, thinking it might be poor form if our tracks were to get blown in and we were to lose our line on the way down.
Time for some turns!

A long skinny way down

And out by the lovely Delta Lake

Thanks Patagonia,
Rossignol, 22 Designs, Leki, Crispi,
Smith Optics, Hestra, Osprey, Swix
Ski Trax, 32 Degrees, Shred-White-and-Blue,
Bill Briggs

These photos are mostly in the 3 Mb range. Please let me know if you want to use them for other purposes.
Photos by Brendan Burns

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