Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Skating around Jenny Lake on Friday 5/13

Skating around the lake was great in the shade, though this lake is close to thawing. The 'ice' is actually about 6 feet of snow ON ice, with a frozen top. If you break through this time of year, it's just into slush, but disconcerting nonetheless!

Teewinot - 'many pinnacles' - with lots of wet slides. Skiing on the lake, I could hear the 'thunder' of the slides going over cliff bands, though you couldn't always tell where the avalanche was.

The Cathedral Group - Teewinot on the left, then the Grand, with its upper north face, then Owen.

 Symmetry Spire and St. Johns.

 Mt. Moran. See the 'waterfall' on the far left?...that's actually an avalanche in progress! The snow is still consolidating...

The Exum Mountain Guides' office

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