Thursday, May 5, 2011

N. Whitegrass to Beaver Creeks Skate Ski Tour

After dropping Clara off at school, I headed for the Park and got in this cool tour.
Here's a view from the convergence of avy paths between Maverick and 25 Short, looking back at the Whitegrass Ranch meadow, there in the middle ground. It was basically my high point:

Here's the view above me, a frequented backcountry skier destination. In the distance above and beyond, that's Buck Mtn on the left and South Teton on the right.

Skiing through the woods is remarkably fun and challenging. So much so that I fell a handful of times on this tour, but no biggie, right? As I tell my girls, "What are you supposed to do when you fall down?...That's right: Laugh!" Here's a clip:

Here's another clip...I hope you can share the excitement of skiing through the woods on these skinny sticks.

All in all, it was an amazing tour forming a loop which I think will be worth repeating again...and conditions never worsened significantly. I was back at the truck by noon, and the snow was still firm enough to walk on. As I write this, I'm monitoring conditions for another light tour off of Teton Pass, but temps are hovering above freezing, and there's widespread cloud cover. I'm dubious.

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