Sunday, September 16, 2012

My new book!

Falcon Guides’ 
Basic Illustrated 
Cross Country Skiing 
is Scott McGee’s debut into authoring books and the culmination of years of work and study in the field of nordic skiing, teaching and training instructors. 

Start off on the right foot if you’re new to the sport, gain key insights if you’ve been at it a while, or get ideas for teaching and coaching if that is your role. Scott’s approach to cross country technique is informed by high-end cross country ski racing coaching, and tempered with a knowledge of what works on snow, for folks of different ages and ambition.

This book can help you launch your pursuit of cross country skiing, and boost your skills, efficiency and understanding of technique. With attention to equipment and waxing, beginning and intermediate steps for classic and skate, downhill techniques, training, safety, family fun and all the places you can go on cross country skis, McGee’s book provides a detailed yet digestible guide to basic skiing essentials.

What others are saying about Basic Illustrated Cross Country Skiing:

“Reading is not skiing! But when you’re not skiing, read this book! Get a little carpet between your toes before you get a little snow under your ski. You’ll find yourself standing up and practicing every move on the carpet while you read. I did.” –David Lawrence, PSIA Nordic Team

“There is not an author who understands cross country skiing better. Scott’s experience teaching beginners, writing instructional manuals, guiding in the high country and coaching seasoned racers allows him to share what would take most skiers more than a  lifetime to learn on their own. I wish I had this when I started, the “school of hard knocks” was expensive and time consuming.”  – Craig Panarisi, Director, Stratton Snowsport School and former coach of the PSIA Nordic Team

Scott McGee currently serves as coach for the Professional Ski Instructors of America/American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA/AASI) Nordic Team. Now in his 23rd year of ski teaching, racing, training and coaching, he works as senior manager in the Jackson Hole Mountain Sports School. He is also the proud husband of eight years and father of two young daughters. In addition to skiing and writing, McGee’s other pursuits include kayaking and stand up paddle boarding, gluten-free baking, organizing ski events, and taking the kids skiing. 

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