Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Grand Teton with Craig, Chris and Paul

This amazing crew of three topped out on the Grand Teton at 9:35 yesterday morning. We had climbed together in Exum Mountain Guides' Multi-pitch I school, and they climbed with guide Mike Abbey for their MP II day. Without a day off in between, they set off for the Grand Teton Sunday morning with a promising forecast and  a bright attitude.
...and dawn's early light on the Enclosure

Embarking on the Owen Spaulding Rout, we encountered a dry Belly Roll Pitch, while the crawl had islands of dry rock amid a lake of clear ice. Rockhopping with the abyss of the Black Ice couloir below at the head of the sweeping Valhalla Canyon, got your attention to say the least. The snow in the Double Chimneys was a surprise, which kept us stepping carefully to keep shoe rubber dry. Stemming and a few key chipped off holds got us up to the verglas in the last 15 feet of the Owen Chimney.  

The rest was a cruise and after Jim Williams' Exum party departed, we enjoyed the windless summit to ourselves and stunning views of ID, WY and MT and the Greater Yellowstone ranges.An amazing summit day was had and everyone performed at a top level - no falls, no injuries; we overcame the unexpected and relished in the gifts of the day. Not even rain marred the amazing weather, though we did get some awesome lightning, thunder and a big, thick rainbow.

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